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Bringing Back The Tradition of Canning and Pickling
Canning and pickling have been an American tradition since homesteaders arrived in the new world. Today, preserving fruits and vegetables has become a lost art. Root Cellar Preserves now offers a variety of delicious pickled products once commonplace, but now hard to find.

Root Cellar Preserves honors the tradition of wholesome foods made with integrity and craftsmanship. We select produce and pickled products from small family producers who carry on the tradition of pickling with only the finest brines and spices, using traditional pickling processes to make the best tasting products available.

Preserving for a Great Cause
Root Cellar Preserves is committed to the preservation of early American homesteads. Many of these buildings, which represent the historical foundation of our country are giving way to disrepair, neglect and rural development. Root Cellar Preserves has established a fund from its proceeds to support local community efforts to preserve these homesteads for future generations.

We hope you will enjoy the wholesome goodness of our favorite recipes, while supporting an important cause.


Susan & Lorne Jones
Founders, Root Cellar Preserves












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